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The “Auto-Leveling” revolution from ABK GROUP

 “Auto-Leveling” technology uses raw materials that combine stability and strength with high plasticity, along with a process specially developed in the ABK laboratories to give unique qualities to this type of product.

A highly innovative self-levelling system that ensures perfectly flat installation of large-format tiles Finale Emilia, ….. March 2014 – ABK GROUP has unveiled “Auto-Leveling”, ...


Alpac introduces INGENIUS VMC. The window system with Integrated Mechanical Ventilation

 Alpac system guarantees great design versatility, perfect fit on each architectural style and top aesthetic performance with almost invisible applications. Furthermore, the decentralized system INGENIUS VMC also avoids channeling and bulky centralized systems.

INGENIUS VMC  Alpac integrated window system with mechanical ventilation offers a solution that integrates forced ventilation in the window closing system , thus ensuring high energy performance ...


Andil introduces Insysme

The system devised in Padova is based on the use of deformable joints within the clay wall. The new infill wall construction system, thanks to the special rubber joints, takes up the in-plane drifts imposed by the frame, when the frame is subjected to significant seismic actions, with limited or reduced damage.

"In the INSYSME  framework, a European research project aimed at developing advanced anti-seismic infill, two innovative systems have been conceived by teams of researchers of the Universities ...


Energyntegration Srl presents Product:  BI-PV/T - Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic and Thermal

 From the product point of view, innovation is represented by the fact that photovoltaic, solar thermal or hybrid functions are built-in inside roof coverings, available in any color shade, that are simply installed “as if they were tiles”

Energyntegration Srl – STI designs, manufactures and sells renewable energy and energy saving products that represent real building integrated solutions, both architectonically and chromatically: ...


Fibrenet presents FIBREBUILD

FIBREBUILD “Life +" system is designed to solve the specific issue ceiling degradation and collapse, very common with buildings erected between 1940 and 1970. "Life +" is a certified system made by GFRP components, mainly developed to face schools and public buildings ceiling degradation issues, arising every ady more and more frequently. 

FIBREBUILD product line finds application in structural consolidation and securing in place of traditional products such as steel rebars and welded mesh, by mean of FRP products applied according to different ...


Imola Tecnica presents ventilated wall

 Ventilated walls can be applied to existing buildings just as easily as to new ones, and this helps, especially old constructions, achieve the levels of thermal and acoustic insulation required by building energy certificates. 

At last a solution to the ever-growing need for exterior building insulation. Imola Tecnica's ventilated wall protects buildings from weathering, makes them more attractive as they can be customised ...



 A thermoacoustic partition wall between living units will be exhibited as a world première with insulating properties 70% higher than current regulation requirements. This product will be marketed in 2016.

Italcementi, together with Calcestruzzi and BravBLOC, features an integrated system for horizontal and vertical surfaces in the SMART House Living area. It’s a real portion of a building and flooring ...


Light is Life. <br>SOLARSPOT presents SOLARSPOT®

 The “green” virtuous natural lighting of SOLARSPOT® allows not only to save electricity, but also has the exclusive prerogative of ensuring the wellbeing of the occupants of any building typology, for each activity (including, last but not least, livestock farms).

At SAIE 2015  we will expose in Services Center SOLARSPOT ® and LEDSOLARSPOT ® systems. Both products allow, in the daytime, to provide mainly natural lighting and therefore extremely ...


Rubner Haus at Smart House Living

Rubner Haus, in collaboration with the Team of the Roma Tre University, has developed a new wall with a layered construction: a load bearing structure and wood fibre insulation at the centre, and an effective external insulation and finishing coating with an air space to avoid overheating due to the sun. 

In a hot climate, the buildings that best guarantee comfort (temperature and humidity) are those with massive walls in brick or stone. The reason for this is that the mass of the walls resists the passage ...


Ruredil presents X Plaster W-SystemTM

This product can be used in a wide range of applications and offers many advantages with respect to plasterboard for it ensures highly robust and cementitious consistency with more flexibility and versatility. Two main fields of application: Architectural and conservative coating.

This innovative high-performance building system is versatile and practical for architectural and conservative coatings.   X Plaster W-SystemTM consists of a plaster mesh and a specific mortar ...


Stille group presents  STILLE system

The most evident effect of this application is the total disappearance of the external units and the air conduction holes from the walls of the historical buildings in the middle of the antic parts of the cities. Stille system allows to have heating, cooling, energy accounting, dehumidification and…. Save money

STILLE system it’s a terminal for heating, cooling, dehumidification by using a very low temperature fluid. Well applied in old buildings with a “normal” radiators system. Stille ...


The efficiency becomes smart.<br>Isotex presents the Blocco Isotex

To ensure at the coat insulation the maximum durability and avoid it suffers damage and cracks is necessary to protect it adequately. The construction system with wood- cement ISOTEX blocks allows to have an excellent coat insulation protected with very low maintenance, thanks to the shape of the block itself. In fact the insulation layer, which has a thickness that can reach 18 cm, is covered by a layer of wood cement, which ensures maximum protection, also allowing the perspiration. 

Blocks and floor-slabs in wood-cement The ISOTEX blocks are produced with a mixture of red fir wood and Portland cement 99% pure, without adding any chemical additives and are certified for use in ...