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The metropolitan city: beyond administrative boundaries

Event in collaboration with S.O.S. - School of Sustainability

Mario Cucinella
, an internationally acclaimed architect who has always been at the forefront in promoting design methods combining concepts of sustainability in building with urban renewal, will coordinate an initiative entitled Metropolitan city: beyond administrative boundaries at SAIE Smart House.

cucinella al lavoro
Photo credits: MC Archive

The event is organised in collaboration with the School of Sustainability SOS*, due to start up in Bologna next September, and aims to present a sustainable approach to planning, design and integration of systems and technologies for urban regeneration and competitiveness of cities.

The event will be divided into two main parts:
- a meeting attended by a select group of mayors invited to discuss the theme of metropolitan cities
- a series of workshops at which young architects from the School of Sustainability SOS will work on the theme of the metropolitan city under Cucinella’s supervision and coordination.

cucinella santi calecaCities offer a wealth of opportunities relating to culture, work, social relations, health, education and much more.
But they also experience severe environmental and social problems, including energy consumption, CO2 emissions, private traffic, limited public transport and a conflict with nature.
For this reason, cities must be rethought in terms of their
system of relationships, their system of economics, labour and mobility – systems that extend beyond administrative boundaries and thus define other configurations and aggregations.
Cities are also a system of competitiveness that is not just economic but includes the provision of services and the quality of people’s lives. The European 20-20-20 targets and the subsequent goals for 2030 and 2050 demand a strategic vision of the city and the territory. Metropolitan cities offer a great opportunity to rethink the future of cities in the light of these goals.
Without a clear vision for the future of our cities there can be no effective policies.
At SAIE we will discuss these new geographies together with the School of Sustainability SOS.” Mario Cucinella

Photo Credits: Santi Caleca

*S.O.S. - School of Sustainability
S.O.S. - School of Sustainability is opening in Bologna, an initiative of Mario Cucinella focused on training new professionals in the field of sustainability, capable of meeting the challenges of the future and leading the processes of transformation.

S.O.S is a school open to creative young people and researchers, professionals and companies in our sector to develop innovative projects with a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment through research and experimentation.

S.O.S is a creative laboratory born of a close collaboration with the architectural studio Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) and the non-profit organization Building Green Futures (BGF), where the training is inspired by the real projects and lives in the studio. The sharing of tools, a prototyping laboratory and the daily interaction with the business world offers a unique educational experience strongly oriented to the professional world.

S.O.S. 2015 courses, will focus will focus on four key issues related to sustainable architecture and product design. The four courses are:
- Architecture as a Social Business, to regenerate the urban environment
- Post Carbon Architecture, to design the next generation of buildings
- Right for a (Quality) Shelter, to sustain human development and build resilience
- Blue Design, innovation and advanced sustainability for industrial design

Courses kick-off will coincide with the PLEA 2015 conference which will be held in Bologna on 9 - 11 September 2015 in Bologna.
For more information about the School. and its courses please visit the new S.O.S. website at

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