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Brick and Ceramic Park

Brick and Ceramic Park

The Brick and Ceramic Park is an area coordinated by Andil and Confindustria Ceramica devoted to “sustainable building” and the essential characteristics of the home of the future.


Building with awareness means approaching design with an all-round vision that monitors all variables constantly.

In practice, however, “emergencies” often become “trends” that dictate priorities when drawing up legislation. Consider for example earthquakes and the consequent need for safety measures and/or reconstruction.

In Italy in recent years, much attention has been focused on seismic safety and on implementing the European NZEB (Near Zero Energy Buildings) Directive, which sets energy efficiency as its top priority. But it is very risky to look at these aspects individually as it is important to consider all the other high-quality building components needed to create the house of the future, which must be eco-friendly, durable, healthy, safe and designed to save energy rather than consuming the planet’s resources.

The Brick and Ceramic Park will be a place for meeting and for discussing these issues thanks to the participation of university lecturers and leading subject matter experts.

There will be opportunities for in-depth analysis provided by companies, for consultation on specific cases and for direct discussions with manufacturers to explore different aspects of construction.

The meetings aim to go beyond regulations and will promote a culture of high living quality by determining the comfort and health conditions necessary to ensure that our homes are the ideal places to spend so much of our lives.


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