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Smart House Living

Smart House Living

Services Centre

Smart House Living is the key event of SAIE Smart House and transforms the Services Centre of the Bologna exhibition centre into a large-scale arena of ideas, concrete applications and technologically innovative solutions for designing, building and inhabiting the homes of the future. 


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Smart House Living 2015 is:

- an arena where industry players can discuss the opportunities offered by construction as the key sector of environmental transformation, in which design, construction and living must be reinterpreted according to new cultural and technological paradigms. It will host four forums, a seminar and a workshop to discuss opportunities for living and for the city of the future.

- a newly set up space devoted to the new culture of sustainable living, where:
- in cooperation with the companies participating in SAIE Smart House, the technologies, materials, components and systems are put forward as concrete and readily available solutions capable of immediately transforming buildings into new generation “triple zero” (zero consumption, zero emissions, zero waste) living spaces; View new products
- a powerful cultural, informative and demonstration space with a strong impact in terms of the novelty of the showcased solutions, which represent the best of the SAIE Smart House project; through Smart House Living these solutions explore all the building-related content on the SAIE 2015 platform.

At Smart House living, Design becomes “aware”, Building “sustainable”, Livingresponsible”.

Wednesday 14 October | Opening of SAIE Smart House

The 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change will be held in a few months’ time. The world of science warns that we urgently need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, while Pope Francis in his encyclical letter “Laudato sii” has called for a change in direction given that we are currently heading for disaster. This change must also involve the construction sector, given that buildings today account for almost 40% of all energy consumption and are responsible for one third of CO2 emissions.

SAIE Smart House focuses on social and environmental challenges and stresses the need to act. Highlighting individual and collective responsibility, it displays the offerings and opportunities associated with sustainable building. Major contributions will be made by distinguished speakers such as climate expert Luca Mercalli, Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Graziano del Rio, minister of infrastructure, and Norbert Lantschner, international expert on sustainability.


Thursday 15 October | Building & Innovation

Climate and energy are two of the key elements of the Europe 2020 Strategy aiming to revive the European economy by adopting a smart, sustainable and cohesive model. The cornerstone of this strategy is the transition towards a new way of designing, building and living, as it is only by achieving the goal of lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions that we will be able to handle the major energy transformation that we are facing.
But it is not sufficient to understand the principles of this strategy. Instead it is necessary to grasp the know-how, technologies, systems and materials that are needed to build the houses of the future and to redevelop the stock built during the last few decades.
Distinguished guests will discuss the current state of Building & Innovation. These include Chiara Tonelli, professor at Roma Tre University, who together with her team won the international Solar Decathlon award in Paris, and Gionata Sancisi who will discuss the pragmatic approach of Swiss building which for years has served as a global benchmark in terms of new building culture. There will also be talks on building renovation and urban regeneration and on Best practices in the Alto Adige and Abruzzo regions.


Friday 16 October | SAIE Smart House Experience

More than ever before, practical knowledge is vitally important for improving building performance while minimising energy and raw materials consumption. At the same time, there is growing demand for building solutions that can help cut down polluting and greenhouse gas emissions. This session will compare experiences that deserve to be widely publicised as they focus on building techniques geared to the needs of 2050 but already suitable for use today.

Saturday 17 October | Culture, Future & Hope

Why is the construction industry unable to build a bridge between words and actions? This is one of the most frequently-occurring questions, particularly considering that for some time now we have had access to a wide range of technologies and know-how for smart building but use them too rarely. A lack of awareness of the challenge posed by energy and the climate and widespread distraction are the main culprits behind the enormous delays that we are accumulating in the transformation of the key sector of building.
This is why the Forum Culture, Future & Hope focuses on the cultural paradigm of change. The talks in the programme adopt an informative and educational approach but above all aim to encourage participation in the change through a new way of living, both in our homes and on our planet.

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