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The Best of SAIE INNOVATION 2016


The Best of SAIE Innovation consists of a selection of 28 innovative solutions divided into categories spanning the entire world of construction. These solutions testify to companies’ unflagging efforts to improve their range of products and services. Amongst these solutions are products that not only constitute an effective innovation in their fields but also stand out for their low environmental impact and energy efficiency in keeping with the latest needs of the construction industry.


  • Systems, construction procedures, components and building materials
  • Systems, products and technologies for energy upgrading and building sustainability
  • Systems, materials and technologies for earthquake protection
  • Machines, lifting systems and construction equipment
  • Software, products and systems for design, site management and building maintenance
  • Measuring and testing instruments, remote sensing and monitoring systems, drones
  • Building, office and home automation
  • Systems, technologies and products for outdoor areas and sports facilities
  • Transparent envelope, windows, doors and finishings


The selected innovations reflect a number of trends in the world of contemporary construction. One example is the growing presence of natural, recycled and recovered materials, which where necessary can be supplemented to improve their performance. At the same time we are seeing increased diversification of earthquake resistant solutions for both structural elements and components, reflecting today’s growing awareness of seismic issues.


The construction site is likewise a place of innovation thanks to the presence of electrically powered machinery, smaller sized equipment and the use of recycled materials. The building envelope segment is seeing continued improvements in thermal and acoustic performance, maintenance and durability of both cladding elements and fenestration.


The software sector is seeing dedicated proposals for specific applications such as land protection, wooden structures, teamwork design and Building Information Modelling. Last but not least, a high degree of diversification is under way in the field of remote sensing and monitoring systems and in the building automation sector, including the development of increasingly interactive and versatile equipment and devices.



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Category: Systems, construction procedures, components and building materials

PREFA ITALIA Pad. 26 Stand A/1

Roof Tile R.16

expected date of market launch: 01/01/2016

PREFA aluminum roof tiles stand for the highest quality standards in stability and durability together with a timelessly clear-cut form language. With the new roof tile R.16, PREFA has developed a reduced roof design that provides maximum freedom in the realization of a distinctive architecture: Thanks to the large format of 70 cm element length, it is now possible to cover the roof with 3-4 roof panels per square metre while at the same time achieving extraordinary aesthetic effects.


For its solution using a large format that combines outward quality and improved durability.


Smart PTC® column

expected date of market launch: 01/01/2015

Developed along with RNDRstudio and OAFdesign. Smart PTC® is a hybrid element: designed as innovative structural and architectural element due to its extremely performant slim sections and to the wide range of finishing, it becomes now the centre of an automation system that includes lighting and interaction with the people who live into the building.

Description of environmental quality
It contribuite to obtain the following LELD credits: SS1, MR4 (Recycled material content), MR5 (Regionality) , IP (Engineering Innovation) 1.


For its high level of integration between the structural system and smart home automation.

WIENERBERGER Pad. 26 Stand A/68 - C/82 La Casa Mediterranea

Product 3

expected date of market launch: 19/10/2016

The new partition Porotherm Revolution characterized by a core of perlite or rock wool, developed specifically for redevelopment in order to improve building performance and ensure a high living comfort. Performance, effective, long-lasting, reliable, environmentally friendly, breathable: these are the watchwords and the characteristics essential for a modern thermal insulation system able to meet the standards.

Description of environmental quality
In the Wienerberger brick solutions allow the construction of building envelopes to the maximum environmental sustainability by improving air quality and the inner being.


For its effective integrated seismic system, associated with improved environmental performance.

POLYGLASS Pad. 25 Gallery Hall 25 - 26

Mapeplan TB

expected date of market launch: 30/06/2016

Mapeplan® T B is a synthetic roofing waterproofing membrane in flexible polyolefin FPO produced in one multi-extrusion coating process, with high quality raw materials, reinforced with glass mat. Mapeplan® T B is conform to EN 13956 standard. With waterproofing membranes MAPEPLAN T B you can design and build functional, safe, modern and technologically advanced green roofs and with a high ecological profile.

Description of environmental quality
Suitable for green roofs.


For its performance characteristics, in particular those concerning the use of green coverings.

CATALYST Pad. 26 Stand A/134 White Marble for Building by IMM


expected date of market launch: 22/04/2016

Eco-friendly brick obtained by the cold pressure of recycled debris originated from leftovers of marble excavations and/or chosen demolitions. Debris become raw material and not waste. Easy bricklaying using a simple pavement glue and not cement. The exposed face avoids plastering. Reduced building costs. More resistant. Antifreeze. No damp. No soaking.

Description of environmental quality
The main environmental quality characteristic is the opportunity to use waste and/or debris of marble avoiding all problems concerning full up dumps and illegal scattering on ground.


For its focus on the reuse of recycled materials in new products for construction with a reduced environmental impact.

Category: Systems, products and technologies for energy upgrading and building sustainability

PIZ Pad. 26 Stand A/62 - B/63


expected date of market launch: 01/06/2016

The very efficient Loto effect is obtain thank you on nano technology developed inside the factory lab, the advantage is a very high super hydrophobic surface dramatically reducing the water capillarity absorption, again thank you to the high alkaline surface PH around 14 the growth of molds or micro organism is stopped, all this features improve a lot the durability and self cleaning of the façade with longer period in between façade cleaning and so less maintenance cost.

Description of environmental quality
With the use of the PIZ cladding system, you get an improved thermal and acoustic insulation of the building, and reducing energy consumption.


For its resistance and durability combined with a notable sensitivity towards the environment.

STUDIO MM Pad. 26 Stand C/91

Coccio Block

Planned launch date: 19/10/2016

It is a building block that satisfies a market-oriented towards the circular economy and towards better performing products, but natural. Its innovation is the use of a historical material, “cocciopesto” (recycled crushed brick) known to the Romans for its characteristics of hydraulicity, combined, following the traditions, with natural binders based on lime, but adding vegetable waste to get a light and efficient block based on recycled materials, non-fired with a low environmental impact.

Description of environmental quality
The low environmental impact of the product is mainly guaranteed by two aspects such as the wide use of waste materials such as plant residues and powder of brick and the absence of a burning process (thus avoiding energy waste and c02 emission). In particular using the product as the innermost material in the stratigraphy of the wall, it is kept constant thermal comfort thermohygrometric reduce the use of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning


For its idea to combine a recycled material with binders and aggregate of natural origin in a product with a low environmental impact.

CMF GREENTECH Pad. 26 Stand C/47


expected date of market launch: 2016

CANAPAlithos® is the precursor of a new generation of biomaterials, created from the synthesis between a hemp biomass and our “Pappa Reale (Royal Jelly) binder which is in no way connected to the petroleum industry; it is free from formaldehyde, a substance considered carcinogenic. CANAPAlithos® argilla is the combination of a hemp biomass and clay. The breathability and hygrothermal capacity of the panel, used as an internal cladding, guarantees a stable and comfortable microclimate.

Description of environmental quality
The indirect environmental advantages can be attributed to the renewable nature of the hemp-based products since hemp cultivation involves the capture of carbon dioxide and holds carbon for long periods in the biomass. The direct environmental advantages are linked to the accumulation of organic substance in the soil, to the benefits verified in later crops mainly due to weed suppression, and to the possibility of cultivating it without using irrigation or any chemical products.


For its features of a strong respect for the environment derived from the use of natural materials and binders.

TERMAL ZEB Pad. 26 Stand A/66 - B/65


expected date of market launch: 25/06/2013

Q-ton is a heat pump system with CO2 natural refrigerant for the production of high-temperature DHW in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Q-ton produces DHW up to 90°C at outdoor temperature of -25°C. THE ADVANTAGES. Energy saving: 78% less compared to a combustion boiler. Savings on the cost of DHW: 50%-70% less compared to traditional solutions. Q-ton produces up to 17,000 litres/day. Seasonal COP record 4.7. GWP equal to 1.

Description of environmental quality
Q-ton is an innovative CO2 heat pump system exploiting the aerothermal renewable energy and ensuring energy and economic saving. It is particularly suited for the production of DHW at low outdoor temperature, down to -25°C. Its GWP is equal to 1: if we make a comparison with R32 gas having a GWP= 675, this means that if 1 kg of this fluid is released into the atmosphere, the impact on global warming would be 675 times higher compared to 1 kg of CO2 over a period of 100 years.


For its achievement of high performance standards and the consequent economic and energy savings.

Category: Systems, materials and technologies for earthquake protection

TECNO K GIUNTI Pad. 25 Stand A/47

K3D Seismic Joint

expected date of market launch: 14/09/2016

Seismic joint system for joints up to 1000 mm subject to high movements up to +/– 950 mm, specially designed for base isolated buildings. The system consists of a rectangular section devoid of underfloor brackets and visible screws. Central plate rigid and antislip, made of knurled aluminium. Gaskets made of rubber with high resistance to vertical loads. The system supports the movement in 3 directions, a special system of sliding on rollers allows longitudinal movements.


For the functional solutions designed for the protection from seismic activity of structures that are subject to intense levels of vehicle traffic.

Category: Machines, lifting systems and construction equipment

TS ASFALTI Pad. 25 Stand B/91 - C/90

Infrared Asphalt Heater

expected date of market launch: 04/01/2016

The machine offers a cost effective method for asphalt repairs. It allow the user to recycle 70% of the existing material, which decreases new material costs. The recycler heats the existing asphalt in and around the area of repair to the same temperature as new asphalt when it comes fresh from the plant, so it can be re-worked, adding recycled or new ashpalt in necessary. The results from the infrared repair are a permanent and attractive repair that has recycled the existing asphalt.

Description of environmental quality
With a minimum quantity of new or recycled asphalt, it will be possible to repair portholes and road damages, reducing the transport costs and/or the use of heavy goods vehicles, preventing this way the emission of fumes and polluting emissions which are harmful and dangerous to the environment. The equipment does not cause the emission of fumes except for those derived from the high temperature of the asphalt itself.


For the focus on saving virgin raw materials and the possibility to customize the final product.

BUNKER Pad. 25 Stand B/31 - C/30

Plastering machine - S28 Urban Volta BUNKER

expected date of market launch: 02/11/2015

S28 Urban Volta is the first plastering machine on the world market powered by a rechargeable battery pack. Powerful, versatile and technologically advanced it is capable of pumping and spraying the traditional and special mortars. Equipped with safety sensors and patented devices for the user's comfort as the attenuator of dust and the Niagara system device, the Urban is the precise answer to the needs of a modern and ecological building site.

Description of environmental quality
The battery power supply makes it a product unique entirely redesigned and adapted to new markets with the advantage of comfort for the user and the environment. • Zero emissions. • Significant reduction of the noise emissions and the possibility for use in an indoor environment, during the night and near hospitals and schools. • Energy saving and significant reduction of operating and maintenance costs.


For the innovative electric power system that is coherent with the latest trends of contemporary construction sites.

CTE Area 48 Stand B/11

Truck-mounted telescopic platform CTE B-LIFT 17E

expected date of market launch: 11/04/2016

CTE B-LIFT 17E is the green version of CTE B-LIFT 17 and reaches 16,6 m of working height, 11,3 m of outreach and 250 kg of maximum capacity. The platform is made of 2 mm SSAB Strenx steel. The “E” is for the ecologic version of the platform, with more than 500Ah battery that guarantees 1,5 hours of continuous work and once exhausted, it recharges with PTO or with electric power. Is the ideal solution for work in indoor spaces or where pollution from engines or noise is not allowed.

Description of environmental quality
More than 500Ah battery that guarantees 1,5 hours of continuous work and once exhausted, it recharges with PTO or with electric power.


For the innovative electric power system that guarantees a wide range of uses and high level of autonomy.

Category: Software, products and systems for design, site management and building maintenance

TIMBER TECH Pad. 32 Stand B/49

TimberTech Buildings

Planned launch date: 01/10/2016

Timber Tech Buildings is a structural design software for analysis of timber shear walls structures realized using both CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and platform frame systems born at University of Trento and developed by TimberTech. Reliable, easy to use, constantly and automatically updated, TimberTech Buildings is developed to meet all the needs of the designers, from import DXF to high-speed modeling and export of calculation reports in Word format.


For its specific approach towards the planning of wooden buildings that makes it such an up-to-date product.

CSPFEA Pad. 32 Stand A/126 - B/83


expected date of market launch: 03/10/2016

MIDAS Plant is a suite of CAE software that ensures interoperability, openness to IT standards, Quality Validation, simplicity and accuracy of the phases of Modeling & Simulation, efficiency and speed in the Check & Design stages; all in a context consistent with the PLM and BIM procedures. MIDAS Plant allows to perform modeling, analysis, design and detailing check and according to numerous Local Code, to get to the drafting and reporting solution with a unique "one stop shop".


For the high level of functionality of the product in the integrated planning of plants.

CDM DOLMEN Pad. 32 Stand A/50

IS GeoMassi

expected date of market launch: 05/10/2016

IS GeoMassi is a software for 3D rockfall analysis. The morphology of the slope is defined through DTM import and the computation of blocks' trajectories is based on a Hybrid Lumped Mass method coupled with Statistical analysis. Blocks are defined in terms of size, speed and weight; their detachment zone can be linear or punctual. Main results of the analysis are blocks' trajectories, speeds, runout distances; Barriers' design is carried out thanks to SEL and MEL energy levels.


For the contribution of the product to the planning of systems for the protection of the territory.

ACCA Pad. 33 Stand A/1 - F/1

BIM Platform

Planned launch date: 19/10/2016

BIM-PLATFORM is an IT tool that allows you to implement the BIM methodology in the design flow from creating the Design Team to a seamless communication process between the various design disciplines, to ensure a suitable and controlled level of information, to the correct definition of the levels of advancement in design supporting the identification of any conflicts between the various technical aspects assigned to the various specialists... an open BIM platform that allows everyone to interop


For its contribution to the development and implementation of integrated BIM planning activities.

HSBCAD ITALIA Pad. 26 Stand A/22


expected date of market launch: 19/10/2016

hsbcad has long startet a development program based on Revit its application for timber structures. In the Autodesk App-Store it is now available as freeware the first version of hsbrevit, limited in the number of beams and tools. Soon they will implement all the functions already available in hsbCAD based on Autocad. However, it is already possible to export without any problem, the cutting and processing data to the most widely used CNC machines.


For the development of planning systems for wooden structures.

STR - Gruppo TeamSystem Pad. 33 Stand C/30 - D/31

STR Vision Teamwork

expected date of market launch: 22/09/2016

STR Vision Teamwork è il sistema di Online collaboration pensato per la gestione di progetti che coinvolgono grandi team di lavoro sia nella fase di Progettazione, che nella fase di Costruzione, offrendo una serie scalabile di funzionalità. STR Vision Teamwork è strumento a supporto della documentazione e delle ispezioni di cantiere, infatti permette di programmare i controlli periodici di ispezione finalizzati a controlli di Qualità, Sicurezza, Ambiente e Salute.


For its contribution to the improvement of design team activities and the integrated planning between specialists.

Category: Measuring and testing instruments, remote sensing and monitoring systems, drones

MICROGEO Pad. 25 Stand A/81 - B/76


expected date of market launch: 01/04/2016

Beccopter 250 gr. Dimension and weight: mm L 160 x P 160 A 100 248 gr; flight range 10/12 minutes; 12 megapixel camera with sensor 1/2.3"; Electronics waterproofed; territorial Photogrammetry of drone (DTM, DEM, orthophoto) Application: Urban Mapping. GIS and cartography. Inspections power grids. Public security.


For its innovation aimed at the reducing the size of devices.

MICROGEO Pad. 25 Stand A/81 - B/76


Planned launch date: 30/09/2016

Aeromax has been designed and developed exclusively for Microgeo, in order to be able to offer in the field of topographic and architectural survey, a reliable and secure system for capturing aerial images. •Not more than 4 kg including payload. •25 minute flight. •Camera 24MP. •3DF Zephyr Aerial. •Wooden Propellers. •Predisposed to change sensors. •Resistance to wind 30km/h. •Weathering protection.


For its innovation aimed at the reducing the size of devices.

NOVATEST Pad. 25 Stand C/51

NOVO DR, Portable Digital Radiography Systems

Planned launch date: 19/10/2016

NOVO DR portable X-ray systems have been designed to meet the challenges of the construction industry. Its features allow accurate identification and measurement of rebars, plastic conduits, cables, voids and more. The system is easy to deploy, highly portable, battery operated, fully wireless, rugged and simple to operate in all weather conditions and yet provides outstanding image quality. Operators can reach remote, elevated and tight places and still enjoy highly detailed images.


For the great versatility of use and the potential for optimizing the working timeframes on the construction site.

ITALGEIN Pad. 25 Stand A/67

Kolida Gnss S680P

expected date of market launch: 01/10/2016

When combined with a cellular-enabled field controller, S680 is an ideal precision network rover.Kolida Gnss S680 offers affordable high-quality results for traditional applications in the surveying and construction fields, as well as unconventional utilizations such as in landscape architecture,GIS,BIM and forensic mapping. The unique innovative antenna design creates a lightweight ergonomic solution. Providing flexibility in a variety of ways for static or VRS data collection.


For the reduced dimensions of the product combined with a high flexibility of use.

Category: Building, office and home automation


FO Distributor IP68 - TOC ODB 68

expected date of market launch: 08/03/2016

TOC ODB 68 – RELIABLE PROTECTION IN HARSH ENVIRONMENTS Wi-Com Solutions and Telegärtner introduce a versatile FO distributor IP68. Whether cabling infrastructure for buildings or FTTH network, mobile communication or industrial application, whether security installations or smart grid, the small, robust distributor protects FO connections in harsh environments in indoor and outdoor applications. The space-saving housing is UV stable and offers water and dust protection according to IP68.


For the effectiveness in the protection of crucial points in the telecommunications network

DOOH.IT Pad. 33 Stand F/2 - G/1 Area System Integrator

D Loft - The stage for your business - Best Concept Design- Office, NC Awards 2015

expected date of market launch: 01/07/2015

D Loft project is the B2B space located in Milan, Provided with the best technologies for the custom design of digital experiences. This innovation space aims to offer a place for interactive events, prototype testing, demo presentation, design of user experience and new digital scenarios. The experience is customized in a smart perspective and it follows the metaphore of the digital theatre through the best AV pro integrated solutions: cideo mapping, social wall, UC&C. etc.


For the innovative idea of service designed to offer an interactive and customisable space.

TAGLIABUE SISTEMI Pad. 33 Stand F/2 - G/1 Area System Integrator

Videoconference wall

expected date of market launch: 22/09/2016

Multimedia equipped wall, customizable solution, basic supply according to the specific needs of: only wall furniture without integrated equipment, equipped wall with integrated equipment as monitor either with two 55”, 65”, 72” and 82” monitors or with 55”, 65”, 72” and 82” single monitor, video conference systems, audio systems, p.c., control systems to control resources with touch panel, can be placed in any environment without special arrangements.


For the great potential of the platform that is functional and offers diverse possibilities for use.

Category: Systems, technologies and products for outdoor areas and sports facilities

PIETRANET Pad. 26 Stand A/132 White Marble for Building by IMM


expected date of market launch: 19/02/2016

SOLIDgravel ™ is a drainning paver for light traffic. With the SOLIDgravel is possiple to resolve the loose gravels problem controldast and makes clearing easer. SOLIDnetTM blend the surfaces layer so the gravel dosent louse and the cleaning is more easy. SOLIDgravel is grat solution for boulevards, courtyards, parkings and swimming pool to have aestetically pleasing surfaces.

Description of environmental quality
The floor supports the natural water cycle thanks to its high drainability coefficient feeding the aquifers, the main sources of supply of the aqueducts.


For its contribution to the creation of secure, durable and waterproof spaces.

Category: Windows, doors and internal finishing



expected date of market launch: 01/12/2016

This product its designed to cover his external opaque parts in the wall along his four sides. Its realized by natural material as cork conglomerate and wood. Its totally realizaed in Italy. It reached Uf= 0,64 W/m2K, thickness=125mm.

Description of environmental quality
Entirely produced in Italy with natural product as Wood and cork from PEFC or FSC forest. It grant really low Thermal trasmittance, designed for passive house.


For the high performance levels combined with the use of natural and certified materials.