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Build is the second of the three themed pathways proposed by SAIE – Plan, Build, Live, which have been designed in order to better introduce the themes presented within the fair, also due to the professional background of the visitors and to facilitate an interpretation of the exhibition and access to specific areas of interest.


In addition to the three themed pathways is the training and information initiative SAIE ACADEMY & Best Practice 2016, dedicated to the key themes in the sector, with in- depth analysis of instruments and procedures. The project centres around the pavilions 26 and 32 and in the convention rooms of the Service Centre, offering the possibility for professionals to obtain training credits.


The area Build, in pavilions 25 and 48 is dedicated to seismic engineering and structural reinforcement, digitalization, internationalization and construction sites. The section offers in-depth analysis into anti-seismic construction and the latest building technology, providing an overview of the most innovative materials and equipment for the processes in the planning, productive and construction phases. A pathway designed mainly for the world of companies, in which it is possible to find the very latest technological instruments. This is the special area for themes relating to site safety, prefabrication and also those for technology relating to continuous flooring, seismic protection, structural consolidation, innovative tools for surveying, measuring and remote sensing of buildings and territory, with a wide selection of drones.


Within pavilion 25 SAIE offers visitors a wide range of new technology and intelligent materials dedicated to seismic protection, products and machines with low environmental impact. In area 48 the Build pathway continues with the outdoor exhibition of machines, site equipment and lifting devices.





Organized in collaboration with ISI (Italian Seismic Engineering) is the initiative dedicated to seismic engineering and structural reinforcement that will present the latest excellence and know how on the topics of planning, construction and management of interventions of mitigation and seismic requalification. While in pavilion 32 will be a space for companies that produce software dedicated to seismic activity. In pavilion 25 will be a pathway focused on anti-seismic technology including the participation of producers of highly developed technology and engineering that provides detailed information, introducing the technological innovations as well as providing professional support to planners, business people and representatives from the public administration. As part of this approach, for demonstration purposes there will be a vibrating table that reproduces the tremors and the dynamics on which a prototype aluminium structured building reacts with knocks from blocks of marble that simulate the structural damage caused by an earthquake. In this area SAIE 2016 welcomes H. Kit Miyamoto, president of the Miyamoto Earthquake Structural Engineers, and speaker at the convention Seismic resilient design: beyond the concept of seismic resistance. International Experience and innovative technology on the subject of risk, mitigation, reconstruction, and post quake requalification due to take place on the 21st October (9.30am) in the Sala Notturno of the Service Centre. Dedicated, however, to the function of reinforcement, filtration and containment of geotechnical engineering work, with in- depth analysis of the recent geosynthetic applications in the hydraulic sector, is the XXVIII National Geosynthetics Convention, organized by the Italian branch of the International Geosynthetics Society (AGI-IGS) in the Sala Bolero at the Service Centre on the 19th October (9.30am).





Modern techniques for surveying now enable the acquisition of extremely high resolution and potentially highly accurate data. This is one of the reasons for the attention dedicated to the initiative located in pavilion 25, specifically for the innovative tools for surveying, measuring and remote sensing of buildings and territory, with a wide selection of drones. At the fair it will be possible to enjoy an overview of the complexity and the production chain necessary for the creation of three-dimensional reproductions within the sphere of BIM, beginning from the geometric data obtained and the related information associated to it. Also planned is a programme of short speeches to explain the scientific aspects, the modality for the creation and innovations that the market proposes. Among the events for in-depth analysis in pavilion 25 is an examination of the inclusion of BIM planning in the new code for contract tenders: what is it and how does it work? is scheduled for the 22nd October (10.00am).





Pavilion 25 will also house the initiative The Ideas Factory curated by Federbeton (the Federation of associations for cement and construction materials and connected applications and technology). An appointment with an emphasis on creativity, discussion and reflection that enables diverse players from institutional, industrial and technical backgrounds to discuss the future of construction, technological and ecological innovation connected to sustainability and the security of the territory. Urban regeneration, digitalization and Italian road safety are the main themes of the programme with an in-depth look at the great beauty of Italy represented by its architecture and works. Also central is the theme of sustainable roads to improve the safety of infrastructure as part of a constantly shifting picture relating to the future of the sector in connection to the environment. There are numerous conventions planned within the sphere of this initiative with the opening of proceedings planned for the 19th October at 2.30 pm at the Federbeton Arena in pavilion 25.





Pavilion 25 will also be housing the initiative Saiepav, organized in collaboration with Conpaviper, the association that represents companies involved in the sectors of industrial flooring and resin coverings. Within the area is planned an exhibition of samples with sections of blocks, with solutions for preheated floors and there will be a technician available to explain the planning and control elements, the initiative includes new regulatory and technical documents produced by the association. Also scheduled is a convention dedicated to training for planning, the laying and testing of concrete flooring, which will be held on October 21st at 9.30am.





In pavilion 25 also on display will be products by the leading companies in the production of machines and services for the precast sector, Italian and international companies that employ the technology utilized in the production of prefabricated elements made in reinforced concrete. SAIE Precast represents one of the appointments in the Technical Mission Italia, that plans visits of foreign buyers, first to the factories and then to the construction sites, finally to the fair, which becomes the showcase for the quality of Italian made products.





In the outdoor space at the fair, in area 48, SAIE dedicates attention to the demonstrations in action of the entire chain and of the transport of materials: a space for transportation machines and lifting platforms, the pblic will be able to try out various machines on display.



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