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Plan is the first of the three pathways proposed by SAIE 2016 -  Plan, Build, Live - designed to organize the themes presented at the fair in light of the attendance of professional visitors, to facilitate an interpretation of the exhibition and to enable access to specific areas of interest.


Alongside the three pathways is the initiative for training and information SAIE ACADEMY & Best Practice 2016, dedicated to key themes in the sector with in-depth analysis of instruments and procedures The project develops in particular in pavilions 26 and 32 and in the convention room in the Service Centre and offers the possibility for professionals to obtain training credits. In pavilion 33 between the areas dedicated to training, is the initiative promoted by Acca Software with a dozen appointments each day dedicated, for example to the new energy certification with the UNI Norms that came into force on 29th June 2016, to the new obligations for planning by the new Code for Tendering Contracts, to site security and structural calculations.


Exhibiting in the area dedicated to Plan are the companies that have chosen to participate in the 52nd edition of the Fair for construction in Bologna to present software, products and technology dedicated to the idea creation phase, calculation and monitoring. Planning means finding tangible and innovative solutions to meet the requisites of sustainability and seismic security, and technical performance to combine with design solutions. A wide space therefore, for digitalization, in light of the new indications introduced by the new Code for Contract Tenders and the new UNI norms that outline the interoperability of the entire production chain for construction, but also relating to the architectural project through research and technology that enables individuals to work on an idea to then transform it into a constructed environment with a clear awareness of the impact that the building has on the environment and people. At the fair there will also be a focus on the project through specialized training and awareness raising events.


The themed pathway Plan develops across pavilions 32 and 33 dedicated to auxiliary instruments for planners with a focus on technical software for specialists, from energy assessment to structural and seismic calculations to geological mapping. The area proposes in-depth analysis of new instruments and procedures with a particular focus on the presentation of BIM libraries made available by the associations such as ANDIL (National Association for the Brickmaking Industry) and by companies from the sector such as Saint Gobain.


AREA LOGICAL SACERT - In collaboration with Logical Soft, in pavilion 33 are scheduled three meetings (19th-20th   October 10.00am, 21st October 1.00pm, 22nd October 11.00am) dedicated to energy diagnosis of buildings; these open a debate on how to choose the best intervention beginning from a measurement of real consumption and evaluating the more opportune interventions for requalification. There will also be practical exercises for planning new buildings in reinforced concrete in seismic areas, using the very latest regulations on the subject as a reference (Building in Seismic areas, Verifications of the project for new buildings 21st   October 2.00pm).


AIST - The Italian Technical Software Association (AIST) is one of the partners of SAIE 2016 and as part of the Plan pathway proposes an informative presentation that begins from the evolution of topography to surveying with drones to thermo-technical energetic planning to management, safety and structural calculations. A significant space will be provided for reflection and dialogue on the latest developments in the new Code for Contract Tenders beginning with the qualification of tenders using Building Information Modeling. Among the may related events, worth noting is that of the 19th October (11.30am) dedicated to New instruments for planning and energy assessment, but also that scheduled for 20th October (2.30pm) entitled The New Code for Contract Tenders and the evaluation of works with BIM (pavilion 32) on the incorporation of BIM in the new code for contracts and the experience of some companies such as Acca Software and Allplan Italia. The priorities are energy efficiency and, above all, seismic security, focusing on structural and geotechnical problems. Among the events scheduled are those of the 20th October in pavilion 32 dedicated to Seismic security: structural and geotechnical problems (9.30am) which will include the presentation of new technology for planning interventions for reinforcement and planning approaches for the seismic adaptation of structures in reinforced concrete, planned for single vertical loads.


ALL DIGITAL SMART BUILDING - Pavilion 33 will house the initiative All Digital Smart Building that proposes the technological updating of the national construction stock and the integration between different sectors of construction such as electrical and plumbing systems and telecommunications. Among the events planned are those of the 19th October entitled New technology for electrical, audio-visual systems in buildings. Guidelines and reference practices for planners (2.00pm) where the theme of Home and Building Automation will be dealt with, analyzing the aspects of planning an evolved system with particular attention to the methodological approach and the UNI reference practices. Again on the 21st October in the space MyHome Up BTicino there will be a presentation of the new BTicino system that does not require configuration, thanks to the automatic autodidactic functioning of the system that enables the user to manage it autonomously via an application for smartphones and tablets.


RETROFITTING - It is not enough to restore or functionally recondition an existing building. The key word is ‘retrofitting’: the innovative version of recuperation that focuses on the centrality of the project and the optimal technological choices, the reduction of consumption with measureable effects in terms of times and costs of the construction site and maintenance. In pavilion 33 can be found the Retrofitting Forum with six talks dedicated to the theme of energy efficiency and urban regeneration. Guest interventions include some studies of Italian planning such as Progetto Cmr, Open Project, It’s and Lombardini22, but also some city administrations such as Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Prato and Fermo Italiana Costruzioni on the subject of BIM. In this area there will also be a lesson of the SOS School of Sustainability and an initiative promoted by CNI Scintille.



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