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66,630 visitors to SAIE 2015: the success of the Smart House formula

The elaboration of the “Building Charter 4.0” to increase contributions for building restructuring and the energy requalification with a special added contribution for integrated digital management of house systems

66,630 visitors to SAIE 2015: the success of the Smart House formula

In this picture: the President of BolognaFiere Duccio Campagnoli, Monsignor Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo and 
the President of Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi during the inaugural tour of Smart House Saie 2015


SAIE, the leading event organized by BolognaFiere for the construction sector, has concluded its 51st edition (the first edition following the fiftieth anniversary celebrated last year) with the successful introduction of the new themed format, which this year was dedicated to SMART HOUSE, a SAIE focussed on new technology and new materials for the design and creation of buildings in order to obtain the maximum efficiency and energy saving alongside increased security and improved environmental quality.


Within the SAIE exhibition spaces, in place of traditional tools from old construction sites, there was an increased presence of new software companies with the latest advanced solutions for the creation and restructuring of buildings with the aim of requalification in terms of sustainability. For the second year running the specialized area Digital Smart Building, curated by Promospace, showcased the new opportunities for systems for houses, following the recent legislation 164/2014 outlining connection to the new digital networks due to be developed in the cities.


A perfect complement alongside SAIE was the new introduction SIE, the Exhibition of Innovative Systems for Buildings, established through an agreement between BolognaFiere and Senaf/Techniche Nuove.


Furthermore, SAIE also included the Smart City Exhibition that examined in greater depth the subject of intelligent connections between cabled homes and external networks in order to produce and utilize the necessary sensitive data for new solutions for homes and intelligent cities for environmental regulation


This collaboration, and the contribution initiated in the working meetings that took place during the event and from the home automation on display, led to the drafting of the “Building Charter 4.0”, a document that highlights how the integration of single interventions for energy saving in the home, in an integrated digital management system for domestic systems and appliances, can provide significant gains in energy saving.  The document, which will be proposed to the Ministries of the Environment, Economic Development and Infrastructure, suggests a bonus to be added to the current incentives for energetic requalification of buildings in order to encourage the adoption of such innovative integrated software and digital control systems.


The meetings of the associations from the construction sector at SAIE 2015 also led to the request to the government to develop additional tax incentives, announced with the reduction of the IMU tax for building renovations and the construction of new buildings that are energy class A and to accelerate plans to simplify bureaucratic procedures.



SAIE 2015 indicated the radical change necessary for a genuine relaunch for the renovated and requalified construction industry through the exceptional presence of Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontificate Academy of Sciences and the Pontificate Academy of Social Sciences, who assisted in the drafting of the Encyclical of Pope Frances ‘On Care for Our Common Home’. “We must respect nature according to its possibilities, this is sustainable development. When the Pope speaks of urbanization, he intends that which is pursued for the common good. His appeal is that it is not too late to change. But that change does not represent a ‘limit’ but rather an ‘opportunity’”.


SAIE 2015 has demonstrated an ability not only to confirm its role as a reference point for the construction sector but also to interpret and anticipate the changes necessary for the sector. “SAIE has transformed itself even more into a tool for industrial policy for our sector (…) which has experienced a deep crisis. We need, therefore, to change the situation and this must be done in an intelligent and virtuous manner,” declared Giorgio Squinzi, President of Confindustria at the inauguration of SAIE 2015.


Minister of the Environment Gian Luca Galletti, who participated at SAIE SMART HOUSE at the forum on metropolitan cities by architect Mario Cucinella, was also positive about SAIE’s new format. “Today’s SAIE is totally up to date. Construction is a sector that can only go in one direction and that is urban regeneration and requalification of the existing building stock. We need to consume less land and in order to achieve this we cannot damage such an important sector for our country as that of construction. Therefore we must focus strongly on urban regeneration”.


“With the initiation of this format,” stated Duccio Campagnoli, President of BolognaFiere, “focussing on the theme of SMART HOUSE and next year’s focus on BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION, i.e. on engineering and infrastructure for the territory, SAIE sets out again as the platform to guide the construction industry in Italy, working together with all the key figures and stakeholders in the sector. The creation of intelligent houses and cities for energetic and environmental requalification, the implementation of safety measures for the territory and the new infrastructure for the network must be the two strategic objectives of an economic, scientific and technological plan to kick-start the construction industry in Italy, a sector that is fundamental for the genuine industrial policy necessary to reinvigorate, alongside exports, also the investments and virtuous consumption of the internal market”.


Not only an exhibition but also a source of training and information, especially in the field of technology, with four intense days of work, filled with over 500 events (meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences) held with highly qualified speakers and teachers, while over ten thousand professionals participated and enlivened the activities at the beating heart of SAIE, the Piazza at the Service Centre of BolognaFiere, which housed also the area Smart House Living, prepared as the interior of a large intelligent and sustainable house, with Forums organized by Norbert Lantschner, scientific coordinator of SAIE SMART HOUSE.


Significant participation, especially of young people, at the meetings with the architect Mario Cucinella and his new SOS School of Sustainability, which invited reflection on the new plans for climate control in cities, beginning with the large metropolitan cities, as requested by the European Union.

This year the excellent training proposed by SAIE Academy presented 21 high level training courses created in collaboration with the National Council of the Professions and the Italian Universities and saw the involvement of over 50 teachers and 1000 participants, with the issue of University Training Credits for professional training.



The growing interest in made in Italy products by foreign countries was underlined by the presence of almost 100 international buyers that took part in 604 b2b meetings encountering the best that Italian companies had to offer at SAIE. The Report FederCosruzioni 2015 presented during SAIE showed a positive trend in the sector of exports (up by 23% during the period 2009-2014), SAIE SMART HOUSE represented a key opportunity for meetings with foreign buyers from Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Turkey, a country with which SAIE launched a specific internationalization project on the themes of requalification and seismic protection.



SIE made its debut and its first edition focussed the attention of experts in the sector not only on the displays proposed by around 100 companies present, but also on the 150 training activities and demonstrations organized over the four days of the event. Among these was the debut presentation of +E Building: the positive energy building: a space that enabled the many visitors to view a practical demonstration of how it is possible to save energy and improve comfort thanks to the correct integration of systems that are able to communicate with one another.


Smart City Exhibition, dedicated to innovation in the cities and in intelligent communities, focussed, for its fourth edition, on the raw material of innovation: information. For three days politicians, businessmen and citizens met in pavilion 31 to discuss the data revolution currently taking place. Among the many meetings, the forum of 50 Assessors of Innovation and the presentation of the annual Report ICityRate 2015, which established the ranking of the Italy’s most intelligent cities, analysing 106 regional and provincial capitals.

Working Environment, dedicated to health and safety in the workplace, presented a programme rich in ideas, proposals and updates for those in the sector and for the many visitors present with 169 exhibitors, 232 courses, meetings and seminars, 696 total hours of training and 35 partners including associations and companies. The 2015 edition of Working Environment was characterised by the ample space dedicated to workplace safety.

The edition of SAIE3 2015 – the Doors and Windows Exhibition, as part of the SAIE platform was, once again, a great success. Over 80 exhibitors, of whom 30% were not Italian, presented the latest technology from the sector of windows and doors. The next appointment for visitors to SAIE3 (designers, engineers, architects, technicians) will take place from 18th to 22nd October 2016 at Bologna Exhibition Centre as part of the SAIE platform.


SAIE 2016

SAIE is set to return in October 2016 as the platform for the entire sector of Italian construction with the additional events of ExpoTunnel, dedicated to underground technology and large infrastructure, and H20 the leading event for technology for the treatment and distribution of drinking water and the treatment of sewage: the event will, once again, host the largest exhibition in Italy of machines and appliances for building and construction sites.



The leaders in the construction industry and the associations in the sector have confirmed the key role of SAIE,
acknowledging also the success of the new format SMART HOUSE


Rudy Girardi, President of FEDERCOSTRUZIONI:

 “In this new edition SAIE has underlined its role as the ideal space in which to present the annual Report on the construction sector, but also its importance in determining the future direction of a production chain worth over 400 billion euros”.


Sergio Crippa, President of FEDERBETON:

 “The sector of construction and materials needs an in-depth plan of reorganization and restructuring in order to kick-start the sector. Italy has always been a global leader in the design and creation of large-scale projects. Today we cannot neglect such an important strategic activity for our growth on a global level. Our proposal is to take inspiration from the initiatives created in other European countries, where the application of an Industrial Compact has enabled the reorganization and relaunch of the sector. At the Federbeton area during the SAIE event, over 100 experts participated in a constructive debate on the theme #build#concretely and we would like to thank of all of those who took part because urban regeneration is an intellectual choice that should be translated into a solid commitment and this represents an important step”.


Norbert Lantschner, Scientific Coordinator SAIE SMART HOUSE:

 “Dealing with the climate efficiently and energy saving: SAIE 2015 represents a testimony to the wealth of technology and materials to respond to this double challenge of the climate and energy. SAIE today is a catalyst to accelerate the timeframes and consolidate new construction. The absolute priority in the economic, social and environmental sphere is to redesign construction providing an innovative framework for what is to be constructed. In the coming years we must focus on minimizing energy consumption, minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases and optimizing performance. This must be our strategic imperative”.


Mario Cucinella, Architect and curator of the focus on Metropolitan Cities at SAIE SMART HOUSE:

 “I would like SAIE to continue to become a laboratory for ideas: it is important that the concentration of people, companies, and professionals that work in the construction sector feed a constant debate and in an event such as this it is even more necessary because the best cross contamination of ideas occurs precisely when there is a genuine exchange between people from different sectors, as happens at SAIE. At this moment in time one of the most scarce resources is ideas, I sincerely hope that SAIE can become a transporter for the key resource that ideas represent”.


Giuseppe Nardella, President of  Tecniche Nuove and Senaf:

 “Thanks to the collaboration between BolognaFiere and Tecniche Nuove/Senaf, this year we have laid the foundations for the creation of a new innovative exhibition project that involves the requalification of the existing programme, through the effective integration of buildings and systems, the path towards the relaunch of the construction market. We believe that it is fundamental to succeed in transferring to the operators and citizens the real benefits that derive from proper planning and design. For this reason we have presented for the first time, with the cooperation of around 20 producers, +EBuilding, a space that reconstructs a building with evolved functioning systems capable of communicating with one another, capable of demonstrating how an efficient system can lead to energy saving and saving time, while also improving comfort”.


Paolo Dalla Chiara, President of All Digital Smart Building:

 “Attendance has increased and more significantly also the interest in the training workshops for installation technicians and architects relating to the concept that buildings connected to networks, as outlined by our brand, is a key feature of the development and improved quality of the Italian real estate stock. At SAIE we presented products and services such as systems for connection, reception and home automation. In the case of the latter we have identified trend of notable growth. We have also launched a project of Smart Installer, or the technician that controls the building on the network, yet another strategic feature that underlines the concept of smart building”.


Luigi Di Carlantonio, President ANDIL:

 “The Brick and Ceramics Park confirmed its role as a catalyst and a must for visitors to SAIE thanks mainly to the mock-ups created by the exhibiting companies. In these four days we have been able to demonstrate and discuss, in the Arena of Aware Construction, our most innovative projects (Insysme and Life Herotile), convinced that SAIE represented the ideal platform to exchange and spread all of the news that relates to the sector of construction. Finally, I would like to highlight the exceptional interest in response to the anti-seismic construction techniques (Insysme) presented at Smart House Living and created in the final of the event ‘Ediltrophy’ organized by Formedil”.


Roberto Valle, Sales Director of Saint Gobain Italy:

 “We continue to participate in SAIE because it is the reference event for the sector. An even that has been able to transform and update itself over the years, leading at the same time to an exhibition of the latest news in the sector, since we are an innovative reality, we have to confirm our presence. The new formula of SAIE Smart House has demonstrated its capability to provide a positive signal”.


Bruno Dalle Pezze, Commercial Director RUBNER HOUSE:

 “SAIE for us has always been a very important date in the calendar because it has always been an event that has led central Italy and a part of Northern Italy towards our product. We have now been participating for a number of years at SAIE and we have always enjoyed an excellent response. The new format has aimed at a greater thematic specialization, enabling visitors to leave the event with clearer ideas and greater information”:


Loris Chinello, Managing Director of Isotex:

 “We are one of the ‘historic’ exhibitors, our presence at SAIE dates back thirty years, therefore, we have become very fond of SAIE, which continues to serve as the most important showcase for the sector and also an important occasion to meet with technicians, constructors and also to present our latest products. SAIE remains the best-attended and most respected event for visitors. We have also appreciated the new Smart House format, which I believe is in keeping with the changes both in the marketplace and in regulations”.


Claudio Leoni, Commerical Director of Vibro Bloc:

 “We have always participated at SAIE because our clients want to find us here and those who do not know us yet know that here they can find a company from the territory. The new format for this year’s event also corresponds well with our own direction, seeing as we construct houses in wood using innovative techniques and many of the interventions that we perform, concern demolished property, therefore, the theme of requalification is relevant to the demolition of old building stock in order to renovate it”.


Paolo Mengucci, owner of Mengucci Costruzioni:

 “In addition to being a respected showcase, SAIE represents an important opportunity for discussion between operators in a sector that, in spite of the economic crisis, continues to be strategic for our economy. We have participated with great interest in the events, presentations and debates in the Arena ARCHItechnology as we consider this to be a useful opportunity for analysis, reflection and meetings with actors in a system that, in order to return to being a productive driver, needs a cultural and planning transformation that requires the involvement of everyone on all levels”.



The dynamic ecosystem of targeted communications has transformed SAIE into an experience that lasts all year round – #SAIEexperience made its debut in this 51st edition with content, services and initiatives that, in addition to having the support of professionals and companies in these four days of the event, will continue to do so online serving as a reference hub for the construction sector.


The official SAIE Website, together with the exclusive site of SAIE Academy, have been developed with new graphics and important additions in terms of content and initiatives (live streaming, SAIE ambassadors, online contests, interviews, live social media, partners and companies in their own words, e-commerce events). Compared with the same period last year there has been a 10% increase in unique visitors (161,437) and a 25% increase in pages viewed (1,057,300).


Particularly lively is the activity on Twitter SAIE, which has confirmed its role as the preferred social network for professionals from the sector of construction and it was the second best performing profile for the event of those managed by BolognaFiere (over 1,700 Tweets published, 6,250 followers, 4,340 following).


Over 1000 likes on the Facebook page, which was inaugurated this edition. In just four days of the event, with exclusive coverage there were 710,540 impressions on Facebook and Twitter, over 1,500 interactions (likes, mentions and reTweets), a growth in the Facebook fan base of over 30%.


The dedicated YouTube channel, together with the social networks is continuously publishing material as it arrives and today includes 85 videos concerning this year’s edition, with over 20,000 viewings.