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From 14th to 17th october at Bolognafiere, SAIE Smart House SIE building systems fair. Two events together for eco-sustainable plan

Milan, Expo, 29th June 2015

Today at the Earth Theatre at EXPO’s Biodiversity park, created and managed by BolognaFiere, Duccio Campagnoli, President of BolognaFiere and Giuseppe Nardella, President of the Tecniche Nuove / Senaf Group, previewed the trade exhibition event for the construction sector that BolognaFiere and Senaf are currently organizing together.
From the 14th to 17th October the Exhibition Centre in Bologna is set to host SAIE, the renowned fair for the Italian construction industry. This year’s event will introduce the new alternating yearly format with SAIE SMART HOUSE dedicated to the construction and requalification of buildings and cities (taking place this year and in subsequent odd-numbered years), while in 2016 (and the following even-numbered years) SAIE BUILT ENVIRONMENT will focus on construction, engineering and infrastructure across the national territory.

“We have deliberately chosen EXPO 2015 that links the theme of ‘Feeding the Planet’ to the equally important theme of ‘Energy for Life’, declared President of BolognaFiere Duccio Campagnoli, “ in order to underline our commitment to this new exhibition platform that highlights the radical change in direction necessary for the construction industry. The European Union has set the 20-20-20 targets for reductions of 20% in energy consumption and emissions, and a contribution of over 20% from renewable sources: these targets can be achieved principally through the construction and energy requalification of buildings and cities”.
Alongside SAIE SMART HOUSE 2015, the first edition of SIE- The Exhibition Event for Innovation in Building Systems will take place: the initiative has been organized by Senaf/Tecniche Nuove and will be dedicated to all of the production chain for civil systems: heating systems, air conditioning, renewable energy and home automation, with an emphasis on the integration between the building and the system within the SAIE platform.
“Much of Italian real estate is equipped with obsolete systems and therefore there are significant opportunities for operators, especially in the field of requalification,” claims Giuseppe Nardella, President of Tecniche Nuove and Senaf. “But in order to create buildings that are safer, intelligent and more energy efficient, it is fundamental in the planning phase that each element is evaluated as a part of the overall system, from the plumbing, heating and electricity systems to the fittings and decorations. The new technology has actually contributed to the strong growth of the entire production chain for systems, and it is for this reason that the new SIE exhibition, taking advantage of the experience of our working group composed of Senaf and Tecniche Nuove, will complete the SAIE spectrum of events dedicated to residential construction”.

SAIE SMART HOUSE 2015 aims to stimulate and support a new industrial policy to reinvigorate the construction sector: through a strategy to create networks for the modernization and regeneration of urban spaces. For this reason the new format has been designed as a consistent pathway in 3 main themed areas, which are separate but connected: from conscious building design to inhabiting a house responsibly, to the sustainable construction of residential buildings.


SAIE has placed significant emphasis on planning and design. SAIE has always been a key event for developers of software and hardware for the construction sector with studies and designers presenting the latest developments for calculations and computer graphics. Pavilions 32 and 33 will host the leading companies in the sector to meet with professionals and technicians. Furthermore, AIST (the Italian Association for Technical Software) will be showcasing their latest software and innovative services at a series of meetings with planning specialists from the construction industry on BIM (Building Information Modelling) Applications and much more. Pavilion 33 will also see a return of the themed area: All Digital Smart Building, an exhibition created in collaboration with CNA, dedicated to installers and system designers, engineers, architects, construction firms and building administrators in order to provide companies and professionals a space in which to document, inform and train participants in how to create buildings online.


Construction materials and systems, anti-seismic structural technology, earth engineering and foundation consolidation, machinery and devices for building production and construction sites play a lead role in a pathway dedicated to the most important innovations in Pavilions 25 and 26. Pavilion 25 of SAIE will see the return of Federbeton, the leading player in the concrete industry. For the occasion of SAIE SMART HOUSE Federbeton has organized Concrete Innovation Value, a themed pathway created in a construction site display centred around a large arena in which the theme of innovation in construction (from the processes to the latest technology, materials to safety, economics to social impact) will be illustrated from various points of view.
Regenerate is the slogan of the brick industry for the 2015 edition of SAIE. This year the National Association for the Brick Industry (ANDIL), a long-term partner of the event, will mark an important historical landmark: its first seventy years of activity. For this special occasion, the Piazza del Laterizio e Ceramica (established in collaboration with ANDIL and Confindustria Ceramica) will propose a rich programme of meetings on the requalification and the eco-conscious construction of buildings.
Reduction - Collection – Recovery – Recycling of construction materials: these are the themes at the centre of the second edition of R Come Cantiere, the SAIE SMART HOUSE initiative in collaboration with FE.DA and with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea.

A new initiative for 2015 is SAIE Hydrogeo: an informative exhibition space dedicated to the theme of reclaiming and securing the territory from a hydro-geological point of view.


Pavilions 21 and 22 will focus on Sustainable Construction for Sustainable Living. SAIE SMART HOUSE is set to see a 20% increase in the space dedicated to roofing, exteriors, light facades, walling, insulation and waterproofing, energy efficiency solutions and accessories and these will be integrated with the exhibition of window fittings and interior finishes proposed by SAIE 3, creating a strong relationship with SIE – the Salon for innovation in hardware systems for buildings, taking place in the neighbouring pavilion 19 to showcase the building system that is already the leading player in restructuring and construction today and one that promises to be increasingly important in the future.
Another significant new development at SAIE SMART HOUSE 2015 is the collaboration with Nomisma and Nomisma Energia for RE-USE, RE-START, an initiative aimed at reconsidering the property market, making the most of existing resources with some fundamental guidelines: credible proposals, an increasingly international market new management policies for the territory and new regulations, through an interpretation based on regeneration and re-use. This new initiative will take shape through a series of workshops with the leading players from the world of Real Estate.
Building Green will host an area dedicated to the best of made in Italy in the field of structural and ornamental green spaces: where innovative solutions will be proposed and trialled for urban spaces and green landscapes, technology and vertical gardens, in order to promote eco-sustainable living.
SAIE ACADEMY, inside Pavilion 26 will, once again, take centre stage for professional training at SAIE following on from the exceptional results of last year with over 9000 professionals taking part. For this year’s initiative, in line with the smart house format of SAIE 2015, the ACADEMY will become a genuine centre of learning for technical innovation, thanks also to the contribution of the National Councils for the Professions and the participation of Italian Universities, which will offer the chance to follow 28 higher education courses – with the relevant training certificates awarded – relating to four themed areas (New planning tools for a safe and efficient house; Functional, performance and energy requalification for buildings; Reclamation and structural consolidation of buildings; Professions and urban requalification). A training and development pathway that offers professionals tangible solutions to professional issues that they encounter each day with the Public Administration, clients, firms and suppliers: a genuine practical reference of high quality capable of meeting the daily requirements of the profession.
The research area is also set to consolidate its role and will host 20 research centres and university laboratories, together with CNR, ENEA and diverse company networks. In an area of over 2500m2 the most innovative projects in the field of construction created by Italian researchers and companies will be on display.
In addition to the exhibition area for new technology, there will also be an area dedicated to building experimentation, which will include explanations of how to use the equipment necessary for evaluating all of the performance indicators of a building. Italian Universities will also be present with 20 programmes offering students the chance to develop their technical knowledge and experience on an international level – International Degree Courses, Dual Degree Courses, Post-Grad Master’s Courses and International Doctorates

In Pavilion 26 alongside the Research Area, Tecniche Nuove (Italian leader in the field of professional publishing with over 150 specialized publications), SAIE’s media partner, has organized ARCHItechnology, a cycle of informative meetings for technicians and planners on planning and construction technology: from dry construction techniques to biodynamic cement, from self-healing concrete to MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems), from virtual reality to geo-polymers for the 3D printing of walls.
Once again this year SAIE will dedicate particular attention to Italian know-how around the world, confirming its role as an international platform: seminars and workshops to provide access for companies and professionals to emerging markets, but also b2b meetings to facilitate exchanges and discussions between the Italian market and foreign markets in order to encourage and develop significant opportunities with each of the nations present. At SAIE 2015, thanks to the collaboration with ICE and UnionCamere Emilia-Romagna there will be delegations from Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Azerbaijan, Iran, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey.
Completing the SAIE SMART HOUSE platform will be the SMART CITY EXHIBITION, the event dedicated to intelligent cities, organized by BolognaFiere in collaboration with Forum Pa, Ambiente & lavoro, the BolognaFiere event organized with Senaf dedicated to site safety, in addition to SAIE3, the event for door and window fittings and construction accessories, and sustainable living both for interiors and outdoors.


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