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Mario Cucinella will discuss The Metropolitan City at SAIE Smart House. Restarting from the city

Mario Cucinella, an internationally acclaimed architect and one of the beset known advocates of urban sustainability, is taking part in SAIE Smart House and will lead a Focus meeting on the theme The metropolitan city: beyond the administrative boundaries as part of Smart House Living.
Cities offer a wealth of opportunities in the fields of culture, work, social relations, health, education and much more.
But they are also plagued by severe environmental and social problems, including energy consumption, CO2 emissions, private traffic, limited public transport and conflicts with nature.

For this reason, cities must be rethought in terms of their system of relationships, economics, labour and mobility – systems that extend beyond administrative boundaries and thus define other configurations and aggregations. Cities achieve a level of competitiveness that is not just economic but also involves services and the quality of people’s lives.
The European 20-20-20 targets and the subsequent goals for 2030 and 2050 demand a strategic vision of the city and the territory. Metropolitan cities offer a great opportunity to rethink the future of cities in the light of these goals.

Metropolitan cities may serve as a new tool for reconciling man and nature, for establishing an environmental equilibrium that may mean demolishing or taking a step backwards, abandoning the habit of building and filling spaces at all costs.
In strategic and urban planning it is necessary to give priority to the construction or simply protection of beauty. Cities are important because they are places where culture, socialisation and work are concentrated and we must do everything necessary to prevent them being degraded by pollution, malaise and social inequality.

At SAIE Smart House (Bologna, 14-17 October 2015), Mario Cucinella will discuss the theme of metropolitan cities in cooperation with SOS School of Sustainability.