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Smart house living: a route with more than one destination, where visitors can “reach out and touch” innovation

The Service Centre at BolognaFiere is set to become a hub for ideas, tangible applications and innovative technological solutions for designing, constructing and living in the houses of tomorrow.
In order to respond to themes of urban regeneration and building requalification, both potential drivers that can kick-start the Italian economy, for the four days of SAIE Smart House, the heart of the exhibition centre in Bologna will become a ‘connector’ for ideas, designs and solutions.

 Smart House Living is new project consisting of four parts: an exhibition Smart House Solution that represents the new culture of sustainable living, where visitors will be able to touch real applications and innovative technological solutions; a recreational and participatory pathway – the Wheel of Sustainability – to inform the public about “triple zero” culture (zero consumption, zero emissions, zero waste); Four In –depth Forums on the themes of design, construction and living in the houses of tomorrow: the Big Energy Idea, or the ‘emotional room’ for innovation narrated through videos and sounds: a project that aims to motivate change through raising awareness.
The Exhibition Smart House Solution, through a mock-up exhibition, leads visitors through a dynamic pathway, raising awareness and providing demonstrations of the best of the solutions proposed by companies present at the event, visitors will be able to reach out and touch technology, materials, components and systems designed to create immediate change in new generation buildings and living spaces.

Smart House Living