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Earthquake protection at Saie: a dialogue between the world of research and companies

Countdown to Saie 2016. Fibre-reinforced composites: application of guidelines for testing and control

by Paola Pierotti, PPAN



Earthquake protection at Saie 2016: an open discussion between companies, professionals and the world of research. The “Guidelines for identification, testing and acceptance checks of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites to be used for the structural consolidation of existing buildings” came into force in July 2016. These Guidelines drawn up by the Higher Council of Public Works require all companies that produce reinforcement materials to test their products and draw up precise technical data sheets containing all essential design data. They also require Works Managers to specify the procedures for performing acceptance tests on site.


In the field of earthquake protection technologies, increasing attention is being devoted to materials used in the mechanical engineering and aeronautical industries. For this reason, the theme of technology transfer is being addressed at Saie 2016 in connection with the new Guidelines, with a special focus on steel and glass fibre reinforced composites that achieve higher levels of strength than standard materials.


The Bologna show has also organised a session devoted specifically to structural reinforcement of buildings which will discuss all the new aspects introduced by the guidelines. “In particular, four leading companies in the field of structural reinforcement will be involved,” explains the session coordinator, Marco Savoia from the University of Bologna. “Mock-ups of masonry and reinforced concrete structures will be built and used by companies to present examples of reinforcement with different technologies (carbon fibre and glass fabrics, pultruded sheets, anchoring cords, etc.). The companies will present mutually complementary products to give professionals an idea of all the potential of these reinforcement systems.”


In this context, the Bologna University Test Laboratory will explain how the on-site materials acceptance tests can be performed and will discuss the correct procedures for checking reinforcements. The Bologna show will also host a half-day technical seminar where the heads of the Technical Department of the Higher Council of Public Works and the heads of the University Laboratories that have contributed to the drafting of the Guidelines and have overseen laboratory testing of reinforcement materials will discuss the key aspects of the Guidelines, from analysis to on-site acceptance testing of composite materials for structural reinforcement. As part of a continuous dialogue between research and the market, the companies will present some significant case studies at the end of the seminar.


by Paola Pierotti

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