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From building to special projects. Uretek guarantees surgical precision in geotechnical procedures

Countdown to Saie 2016. The expanding resin business began 25 years ago in Finland

by Paola Pierotti, PPAN



This is the core business of Uretek, the company that originally invented the consolidation technique based on injections of expanding resin. First set up in Finland 25 years ago, Uretek Italia (based in the province of Verona) operates in many areas of Europe and has a turnover of more than 9 million euros. Thanks to its patented Deep Injections technology, the most widely used system in the world with more than 100,000 procedures completed to date (including 20,000 in Italy alone), Uretek offers an alternative to traditional micropile and underpinning technologies. It is one of the many Saie 2016 exhibitors offering key services to a sector in constant search of new applications.


“Rather than merely consolidating foundation soil and restoring floor flatness, Uretek now has an extensive design and implementation capability that enables it to address and resolve issues that until just a few years ago were considered impossible to treat with expanding resins. Raising buildings, waterproofing excavations and carrying out seismic improvement and consolidation of embankments and bridge pilings are just a few of the many special cases that Uretek deals with on a regular basis, combining advantages in terms of cost, timeframes and non-invasive procedures,” explains Gianluca Vinco, head of the geotechnical department.


Uretek specialises in building technologies and techniques and offers specialist solutions to urban regeneration issues by restoring existing buildings and working on the built environment in general. Looking to the future, the company believes that no kind of application can be ruled out. For example, it has been contacted by companies with machinery installed on floors that have gradually subsided and need levelling in order to improve performance. “We can also use hydraulic jacks to raise a house that has tilted to one side by around 10 cm and needs to be relevelled by consolidating the foundation soil,” explain the company’s technicians.


Uretek’s customers include professionals such as engineers, surveyors and architects, but above all they consist of companies and end customers who contact it directly for a preliminary investigation and then commission it to solve foundation problems caused by a reduction in soil volume due to drought, cracks in walls caused by ground instability, or subsoil movement caused by a nearby building site. Uretek has a geotechnical department that liaises constantly with the operational teams in the field.


“Uretek stabilises the soil and increases its ability to withstand new loads. We can carry out both preventive and corrective procedures,” explains Maurizio Sacchi, the company’s head of communications. “Most of our work is on private homes, although we also perform plenty of procedures on industrial buildings.”


The company has obtained TÜV certifications for Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment, enabling it to provide a 10 year warranty on its expanding resin consolidation procedures.


by Paola Pierotti

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