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Safety: innovative solutions and know-how for the Italian and international markets

Countdown to Saie 2016. Interview with Giampiero Morandi, administrator and legal representative of Sicurpal


By Tania Servidei, PPAN



One of the major causes of death in the workplace is falling from a height. For 20 years Sicurpal has been working in the field of civil and industrial roofing, as well as technical and industrial sectors where operators work at heights of more than 2 metres and therefore require protection with fixed anchoring systems.


A manufacturer of systems and products for the safety of operators working at a height, at Saie in Bologna Sicurpal will be presenting innovative functional solutions that comply with the various architectural and building design requirements while assuring safety when working on roofs.


In particular, Sicurpal will be presenting innovative solutions for roof gardens with serious anchoring difficulties created by the waterproofing systems adopted, historic buildings subject to landscape constraints, and wooden structures where loading needs to be minimised.


By Tania Servidei, PPAN communication and networking platform for the built environment