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SAIE 2016: the best of SAIE Innovation

SAIE 2016: the best of SAIE Innovation


The 27 most innovative products selected as part of the initiative SAIE INNOVATION- towards zero impact, promoted by SAIE in collaboration with Ongreening and with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the sea. The solutions were chosen from 164 entries submitted by the companies exhibiting at the Fair prior to the deadline of the 26th September and will be on display in the Service Centre of the Fair from the 19th to the 22nd October.


SAIE INNOVATION – towards zero impact. The initiative brings together a selection of innovations, divided into categories covering the entire sector of construction and underlining the constant commitment of companies in the construction industry to improving their products and services. Among the products are those that, in addition to representing an effective innovation in their own category, offer features to reduce environmental impact and offer energy efficiency, in line with the latest requirements in the construction industry. “The processes of innovation,” explains Massimo Rossetti, Associate professor of Technology and Architecture at the University  of IUAV in Venice and president of the jury, “represent one of the great engines of the industrial world, capable of influencing competitiveness in a positive way not only for individual companies but for the entire sector. SAIE has confirmed its position over the years as the ideal showcase for companies that want to present their latest innovations to professionals from the sector.”


The  categories   Innovation   and   Sustainable   Innovation   are   the   criteria  for   the evaluation of the products selected in the Guide to Innovations of SAIE 2016 (online on the website that is divided into categories for systems, components and materials for construction, products for energy requalification and sustainability for buildings, and also for anti seismic systems. There are machines, lifting devices and site equipment, software and systems for planning and managing constructions sites, measuring and testing instruments, drones and systems for remote sensing and surveying.


The jury. Experts from the sector and the academic world as well as a representative from the Ministry of the Environment have evaluated the entries. The jury is composed of Marco Savoia (University of Bologna), Massimo Rossetti (University of IUAV in Venice), Norbert Lantschner (President of the ClimAbita Foundation), Domenico Pepe (CasaClima expert), Andrea Nonni (PPAN), Roberto Binatti (Ministry of the Environment), Teresa Bagnoli (Aster coordinator of the ER High Technology Network Constructions Platform) and Marco Mari (Ongreening).


The  motivations.  “Observing  the  innovations  selected,”  the  jury  explained,  “it  is possible to identify some tendencies that help to clarify the current direction of the sector of construction. Worth noting, for example, is the greater presence of natural, recycled and recovered materials, integrated to improve performance. At the same time the diversified offer in the sector of anti-seismic solutions both for structural features and for components, highlight a now widespread awareness of this issue. The construction site too is presented as a place of innovation, thanks to the presence of electric machines and the reductions in size of the equipment and the use of recycled materials. In the sector of doors and windows and coverings, moreover, there is a recognisable focus on the constant improvement in thermal and acoustic performance as well as in maintenance and durability of the products for coverings and windows and doors. The software sector includes targeted proposals designed to satisfy the requirements of specific sectors, including the protection of the territory, the creation of wooden structures, team planning and Building Information Modelling. Finally there is a significant diversification in the range of products and services for systems for remote sensing and monitoring and the sector of building automation with devices and equipment that is increasingly interactive and versatile.”


Visibility at the Fair. The top products involved in SAIE Innovation will be on display at the fair so that also the international visitors can observe the direction that the Italian construction industry is taking. The jury has identified the 27 innovations considered to have a strong impact in terms of sustainability, products and technology that will contribute in a significant way to the requalification and protection of the constructed environment in addition to the development of the sector.

The selected products will play a lead role for 12 months on the portal Ongreening: an opportunity for increased visibility within the context of the leading technology and Italian know how, an engine for development and growth in the sector of construction.

The  products selected for  SAIE Innovation 2017 and the jury’s motivation for each choice are the following:



Construction systems and procedures, components and materials for construction



For its solution using a large format that combines outward quality and improved durability.



For its high level of integration between the structural system and smart home automation.


WIENERBERGER Porotherm BIO M.A. Revolution

For its effective integrated seismic system, associated with improved environmental performance.



For its performance characteristics, in particular those concerning the use of green coverings.



For its focus on the reuse of recycled materials in new products for construction with a reduced environmental impact.



Systems, products and technology for the sustainability and energy requalification of buildings



For its resistance and durability combined with a notable sensitivity towards the environment.


STUDIO MM Coccio Blocco

For its idea to combine a recycled material with binders and aggregate of natural origin in a product with a low environmental impact.



For its features of a strong respect for the environment derived from the use of natural materials and binders.



For its achievement of high performance standards and the consequent economic and energy savings.



Materials, systems and technology for anti seismic protection and consolidation


TECNO K GIUNTI K3D Giunto Sismico

For the functional solutions designed for the protection from seismic activity of structures that are subject to intense levels of vehicle traffic.


Machines, lifting systems and site equipment


TS ASFALTI Riciclatore d'Asfalto KM T2

For the focus on saving virgin raw materials and the possibility to customize the final product.


TEK.SP.ED. Intonacatrice - S28 Urban Volta BUNKER

For the innovative electric power system that is coherent with the latest trends of contemporary construction sites.


CTE Piattaforma autocarrata telescopica CTE B-LIFT 17°

For the innovative electric power system that guarantees a wide range of uses and high level of autonomy.



Software, products and systems for planning, the management of construction sites and maintenance


TIMBER TECH Timber Tech Buildings

For its specific approach towards the planning of wooden buildings that makes it such an up-to-date product.



For the high level of functionality of the product in the integrated planning of plants.



For the contribution of the product to the planning of systems for the protection of the territory.



For its contribution to the development and implementation of integrated BIM planning activities.


HSB ITALIA hsbrevit

For the development of planning systems for wooden structures.


STR STR Vision Teamwork

For its contribution to the improvement of design team activities and the integrated planning between specialists.



Measuring and testing systems, remote sensing and monitoring systems, drones


MICROGEO Beecopter

For its innovation aimed at the reducing the size of devices.


NOVATEST NOVO DR, Sistema per radiografia digitale portatile

For the great versatility of use and the potential for optimizing the working timeframes on the construction site.


ITALGEIN Kolida Gnss S680P

For the reduced dimensions of the product combined with a high flexibility of use.



Building, office and home automation



For the effectiveness in the protection of crucial points in the telecommunications network


DOOH D Loft – The stage for your business

For the innovative idea of service designed to offer an interactive and customisable space.


TAGLIABUE SISTEMI Videoconference wall

For the great potential of the platform that is functional and offers diverse possibilities for use.



Systems, technology and products for outdoors and sports facilities



For its contribution to the creation of secure, durable and waterproof spaces.



Transparent coverings, windows, doors and finishing




For the high performance levels combined with the use of natural and certified materials.