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White Marble For Building by IMM

Hall 26


Internazionale Marmi e Macchine Carrara (IMM), in collaboration with Bologna Fiere, was present at SAIE, the first Italian trade show for the construction industry, the project “White Marble for Building”. The event setted out to enhance and promote the use of marble in the building industry as an eco-sustainable, innovative material, perfectly malleable according to the new trends dominating the current architecture and design scenarios, which this year have crowned marble and natural stones as their absolute protagonists.


In 2016, marble appeared to be an extraordinarily fashionable material, being capable of exerting a great appeal on foreign markets. The use of marble in architecture seems, therefore, an issue of considerable importance, requiring specific skills to allow an optimal choice of the materials to be used – i.e. depending on the target of use, on the physical and mechanical characteristics they present, etc. – as well as an accurate knowledge of installation techniques and adhesives so as to ensure a perfect performance of the material itself, also (and primarily) in terms of environmental sustainability. Also for external walls’ claddings, specific expertise is clearly required, in particular in the field of metal anchoring systems, that more than others have to assure the best guarantee of grip.


In the framework of the event White Marble for Building, IMM, with its nearly thirty-year experience, offered:

  • A free training offer on the salient issues for the sector, addressing architects, installers, engineers and builders, with a full programme of seminars and practical demonstrations;
  • The realization of a STARTUP arena dedicated to young and dynamic companies that have invested in research and development and/or have developed a strong sensitivity towards the range of environmental problems affecting the natural stone industry as well as the construction sector;
  • An exhibiting area representing the Carrara marble district, counting on the presence of some of the most representative quarrying and processing companies of the area.